Nonprofit fundraising with Facebook

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Nonprofit fundraising with Facebook

Research shows a 71% increase in donations when a free gift is offered rather than simply clicking the donate button.

Non Profit Fundraising on Facebook

Fund a Campaign places a PayPal shopping cart on your Non-Profit Facebook page with a "We Need Your Help" call to action. This encourages a "followers" to donate $100 and receive a free gift, an amazing flashlight pen (or whatever you choose) for their generosity. We collect the money, record the donor's information and ship the product right to their door.

The only responsibilities assigned to the Non-Profit are to send a "Thank You" email to the donor. Fund A Campaign does everything else. We furnish the gift, collect the money, pack and ship the item and distribute the proceeds.

The Non-Profit does nothing else and receives 100% of the net proceeds.

The synergy of Facebook "friends"

Example... if the total cost (the gift item, shipping, handling, payment processing, PayPal Shopping Cart, etc.) is $15, the net profit will be $85, which the nonprofit receives deposited directly to their bank account. This works 24/7 and is a continuing program that Fund A Campaign monitors and administers.

If you have 50 Facebook followers that will donate $100 and "shares" this with their FB friends, that nets $4,250.
Now these friends have 50 friends each (total of 2500 friends) and just 10% of those (250) donate $100 for a gift, that brings in $21,250.

With just these 300 FB followers, it brings in $25,500. You are also helping build name recognition for the organization by sending a logo imprinted gift

This works 24/7 and is a continuing program that Fund a Campaign monitors and administers.

Imagine the possibilities...

If you decide to ask for only $50 donations, the net proceeds would be $35. Using the same scenario of 300 Facebook friends, would yield $10,500!

A recent report by Artez Interactive found Facebook had the greatest impact on fundraising when participants raised donations through families and friends.
Why? Because people care about the causes that their friends care about.
In fact, in an average peer-to-peer or "crowd sourced" campaign, 15 to 18 per cent of donations are referred from Facebook.
In scenarios where a fundraising campaign allows registrants to use a social login, those who connect their accounts to Facebook will raise on average 40 per cent more than those who do not, plus earn 30 per cent more donations!

Nonprofit fundraising with Facebook

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Below is an example of e-Premier Gift with Donation for Non-profits Facebook Demo.

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Some common fundraising mistakes

"What we found is that there's massive room for improvement," says Brad Davies, project director of the study and vice president for digital services for Dunham and Company. "It is easy to assume nonprofits are missing out on several billion dollars" by not making their online-giving experience as easy and dynamic as possible.

Investing in online fundraising paid off, the researchers said. They found that the 10 organizations that gave donors the best online-giving experience raised about 25 percent more money online, on average, than others.

Eighty-four percent of nonprofits, including many of the nation's largest charities, haven't made their donation websites easy to read on mobile devices, one of several flaws that can cost them significant contributions, according to experts who studied 150 charities and other organizations.

Ducks Unlimited got a big boost in online giving by making its site mobile-friendly.

Non Profit Fundraising on Facebook

Ducks Unlimited says that its emphasis on giving donors a good experience on mobile devices has been a boon for its online giving. After it overhauled its site to make it mobile-friendly in July, it saw a sharp increase in people who used their smartphones or tablets to make gifts. In the last five months, half of all of the group's web traffic and 25 to 35 percent of online donations are coming from mobile devices, says Anthony Jones, web director.
The groups take too long to ask for money, and they make it too hard to give online.
As a result, according to the researchers, those nonprofits may be missing out on billions of dollars in online gifts.

Among the other findings:

  • Thirty-seven percent of the organizations sent no emails within 30 days after visitors signed up to receive them.
  • Fifty-six percent of the organizations did not ask for a donation within 90 days of people's signing up.
  • Seventy-nine percent did not personalize email appeals with a supporter's first or last name.
  • Sixty-five percent of their websites required visitors to click through three pages or more to give online.

Other concerns about nonprofit communications, the researchers said, may be stunting the growth of online donations, like failure to give donors a reason to connect. Sixty-six percent of the organizations did not use words that would entice a supporter to sign up to give or receive more messages. They did not, for example, promise supporters "inspiring stories, photos, or video in a newsletter," according to the study.

Lack of urgency

Limited efforts to encourage sharing. Only 27 percent offered donors a simple way to tell their followers on social networks that they had made a donation. Those that did so put "share" buttons for social-media networks, like Facebook, on their sites, an action the researchers recommend.

Only 14 percent of the groups' websites provided compelling reasons for giving "today."

Non Profit Fundraising on Facebook
Example: "We are taking 50 children to camp the 3rd week in July where they will get some much needed special care. We need your help. For your gift of $100, as a token of our appreciation, we'll send you a gift...a unique flashlight pen! Just click the button and your donation and our "Thanks" will be on the way! Won't you please help us today?"

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