Social-Pal Instant Payment System - Social Powered eCommerce

Social-Pal works alongside your existing e-commerce channels, and helps you sell directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and more.
One click Instant payment direct from your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, Google+ and anywhere that you can post a link. No custom tabs and no linking to your website. One click instant payment.
Our fully-hosted solution lets you enjoy the most secure, stable infrastructure available, without the hassle of a third-party provider or an internal IT department.

When you post a featured product on your business Facebook page, people want to buy it and are tempted to go to your website but don't. Reluctant to leave Facebook, they think "I'll do it later" and return to reading their messages. When finished, they now have forgotten all about buying your product. Consequently, a sale is missed. Well, what if, using the same scenario, when they see your product posted on Facebook they could simply click on the product's shopping cart and "Buy It Now" without ever leaving Facebook? Sale made! Sounds great you say, but not possible? Yes, now it is. Introducing Social-Pal, Social Powered e-Commerce!


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